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About Us

Hello and welcome to The Wick Co UK!

My name is Bryony and I am a self confessed candle and home fragrance addict.


In the past I have purchased a wide variety of candles and home fragrances from luxury brands to high street products and it got me thinking, why not start making and creating my own products! And thus, The Wick Co UK was born!


At The Wick Co UK we strive to create products that are of a luxurious and premium quality but at an affordable price - why should you have to spend a fortune on something for it to smell amazing?


Our aim is to provide an enjoyable aromatic experience. While some of our products provide an energy boost, others contain soothing scents to help you wind down after a tiresome day. 


And so, please browse our online store and try out our hand poured products for yourself - you'll soon feel your troubles melt away.


Love Bryony x

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